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Winter meeting on Saturday, February 21, 2015
1:30 pm-3:30 pm

La Jolla/Riford Branch Library (858-552-1657)

7555 Draper Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037

Guest speaker: Jen-shih Lee (李仁師)1


"Victory for Mankind, 仁師義戰與世界和平"

In 1946, a renowned military analyst and writer Lee Yuri proclaimed that the world must practice the “For Mankind Doctrine” to avoid the earth being destroyed while the people of the world can gain peace, justice and prosperity. He had written many books (www.leeyuri.org) on how Chinese must work on in getting China strong to defend herself from foreign invasion and colonization.

In one 1932 book “A Japan Prisoner of Shanghai Battle”, he described the terror in the prison and the cruelty of Japanese soldiers while he was tortured in the 30+ days right after the January 28 incident.

From this book and many other publications, we could see clearly that Chinese have never been sick men of East Asia. The warlords of China and Japan are sick of corruption. These sick men treated Chinese as slaves and killed millions of Chinese during the Century of Humiliation (1846-1946).

What is the Century of Humiliation, what is the “For Mankind Doctrine” and how we can promote this Doctrine to the world will be elaborated.

李浴日在一二八事變, 被日本兇刑了卅多天, 為了激勵全國同胞及引起全世界人類的注意, 他把監獄中的慘像與日本兵的兇殘, 寫在「滬戰中的日獄」, 這書與他的其他著作, 讓人認清, 中國人不是東亞病夫, 中國與日本的軍閥才是病夫, 這些病夫讓中國招受到百年恥辱。


什麼是「百年國恥」, 何為「仁師義戰」, 應如何推動「助人兵學」, 是這演講的三主題。

Refreshments. Book display. Free admission. Public is welcome

For reservation and information, please contact Lilin Wang 858-246-6165 (wanglilin356@gmail.com) or Camellia Yeqing Chen, 858-212-3645 (yeqing_chen99@yahoo.com). Board of Directors: Jack Meng, Michael P. Lee, Lilin Wang, Alex Chuang, Mary Lee, Camellia Yeqing Chen, Ronghui (Lily) Xu and Nancy Lo.

1 Jen-shih Lee is the Emeritus Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Virginia, the CEO of Global Monitors, Inc. a medical device company in San Diego, and the CEO of World for Mankind Foundation, a public charity just established. Based on the books of his father Lee Yuri, he wrote and published "Winning the War of Peace, Justice and Prosperity, A Vision" in the June 2014 issue of American Diplomacy. He is working to expand this article to a book "A World for Mankind" to which your input is solicited. The lecture will be in English.